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Right by Baggage Claim
in the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport Terminal.
Call: 340-778-0441 or
Email: airport@ccrvi.com.
Learn about our green efforts.

Christiansted Location

Right by Seaborne Airlines
on the Christiansted Boardwalk.
Call: 340-713-0550 or
Email: reservations-csted@ccrvi.com.

Mid-Island - La Reine Location

At the La Reine stop light on Centerline Road.
Call: 340-778-0450
Email: reservations@ccrvi.com

COVID-19 Update

1Centerline is always diligent about cleanliness and we’re taking extra precautions in response to COVID-19. Learn more.

Variety? We’ve Got It!

2Explore St. Croix your way – be it via Car, Jeep, SUV or 15-passenger van, we offer a wide variety of well-maintained, reliable rental vehicles. Check out our fleet and submit your booking online!

Hotel Delivery

3A car for a day, a Jeep for a week. Whatever your rental car needs are we deliver to ALL St. Croix hotels and resorts. Ask your hotel reception for assistance or contact our La Reine – Mid-Island location.

Life in the Left Lane?

4Yep. We drive in the left lane here, but the steering wheels are on the left side of the car – just like stateside. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about rental cars or getting around on St. Croix.